June 29, 2017 my husband had just left for his long one hour and ten minute drive to work.  The day before I was happy to own stuff but not this day.  This day I completely melted down.  I felt like the house had closed in on me and all of its contents rained upon my soul.  I had toyed with the thought of owning less several times.  I completed a few successful downsizes, purchased some creative storage, and fooled myself into believing that I needed what remained.  My husband had never been attached to things.  On that fateful day in June he probably owned as little as one-fourth of our household contents.

My Pinterest page (nothing minimal there) held a warning that this day was coming.  I had folders for minimalism, folders for storage and folders for organization.  Each holding hundreds if not thousands of Pins.  I made a pot of coffee and started reading.  I skipped over the downsizing and went straight to minimalism.   I had a second cup of coffee, a third, at lunch I was still reading.  None of it was sinking in and I still hadn’t found what I was looking for.  Mid afternoon I ran smack into a documentary.  Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important things.  It was 4.99 to rent and I grabbed my credit card.  I did not move or breath for the next two hours.  The documentary explained why I purchased things, why I was overwhelmed and why I was so unhappy.  I shared the highlights with my husband as he was coming in at the final ten minutes.

The next day I started packing boxes and by the weekend he was in on the game.  By July the conversation had moved to selling the house.  We did not need that much space, all the kids were grown and we put the house up for sale.  As our talks transitioned we decided to purchase a travel trailer after the house sold.  Our debt had grown along with my stuff.  If we could sell the house and purchase a travel trailer with the proceeds then we could pay off debt like bandits.  Hiccups happened along the way and the house did not sell as quickly as planned.  We purchased the trailer in November and moved as few things in as possible.  Now we are both working at the plant and we parked the trailer a mere nine minutes away.  We’ve had an offer on the house, but that is as far as its gone.  We still have a lot of things because we started working a lot.  We plan to finish minimalizing during the next few weeks.

I plan on writing some off-topic blogs just to keep the closets cleaned out.  There is only so much you can say about minimalism and I will leave that to the more studied individual.