Dying to be Whole Part Two

We have spent nearly the entirety of our married life in the car, or away from home.   Continuous travel is already hard on your body but choosing to eat whatever comes your way is worse.  In January of 2018, we were on a plane to Richmond, Va to visit my husband’s father.  I had just come from my last doctor’s visit, and it wasn’t promising.  She told me if I showed back up in her office with the same numbers I left with I would need to start a new medication regimen. Having been treated already for blood pressure issues, my insurance had just notified me they would no longer pay for my medicine.  My husband was already on cholesterol and blood sugar control medications.

We did not eat to live, nor did we live to eat.  Eating however was a full-time job and had to be scheduled around existing.  It controlled our every thought and emptied out our enjoyment of life.  In addition to that, we suffered from chronic pain, sleep deprivation, irritability, anger issues, and foggy brains.  Furniture in our RV was an issue that was creeping up as well, due to our weight problem.  My husband and I could barely fit at our dinette table.  Being fully aware of our ever-evolving situation I began a desperate search.  I searched through all the popular elimination plans. None of them seemed to go along with the lifestyle I wanted to achieve.  I didn’t want another diet, and they all felt like a diet to me.

At this time my husband was interested in my search but not on board.  Two hours later a book title caught my eye.  I had been given three amazon book cards for Christmas, and I used one of them to purchase my newly found prize.  I was almost all the way through the book when I realized most of the products that are Whole30 friendly had sea salt as an ingredient.  At the time I thought I was allergic to sea salt.  I gave up and decided to try something else, even though now I realized I could have overcome this issue.  Then in July while eating at a national chain restaurant, my eyes fell on a new label.  I was horrified and terrified all at the same time!  The company had just started using sea salt!  On the day I was sure my life was over (as I had just finished the fries) it actually began.  With this new information, I continued to test other products with sea salt.  None of them produced the dreaded splotches.

In August I pulled the trigger.  I set out to learn all I could about this potentially new life.  Just one week before I was due to start, I saw an advertisement for a coach led Whole30 round.  I so much wanted to be lead through this plan.  I contacted the coach, and she had space left in her group for me. Things were starting to fall into place.  Then my husband notified me he wanted in.  Since the group wasn’t due to start right away, and I was eager I began slowly eliminating unhealthy foods from my daily diet.  By the time we began, I was ready.  It was awesome to have a whole group of people and a dedicated coach.  She led a full life already but was always there for us!  I won’t bore you with specifics.  Learning is a journey and one that is fun to accomplish reading through the program on your own.

I will tell you this though, my high blood pressure medication went from 20mg to just 5mg every day.  My genetics probably won’t allow that last five to go away, but that’s ok.  My husband is off ALL of his medications, and I never had to start new ones.  As a side effect of healthy eating, we have both lost more than 50 lbs each.  That’s a hundred pounds gone between us!  We no longer suffer from all the previously aforementioned maladies.  I want you to understand, this did not happen in 30 days but you will feel signifigantly different after just one round!  We completed one Whole60 and one Whole30.  In between, we practiced food freedom and stayed clear of foods we found to be intolerant to our systems.

To this day I do not consume more than 8 grams of sweetener, and no grains of any kind.  Grains are bad for my husband and me.  For you, it may work out to be something else.  The results you achieve from following the plan are personal as well what you eliminate in the future.  Below I am going to give you a sample of what we ate before.  It’s important to know just how bad it was.  To see that anyone can change the way they eat.

Sample trip in the car (Past)                                                                                                   

Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich, breakfast burrito, caramel latte.  Snack: Potato chips, skittles, sweet tea.  Lunch: Quarter burger with cheese, fries, large diet coke.   Snack: Snack cake or roll of chocolate donuts, pretzels, more diet coke.  Dinner: Buffet, two plates, two desserts.  Snack: Full bag (or two) of sunflower seeds in the shell (over 7K mg. salt)

Home meals weren’t much different but slightly less snacks and smidgen more healthy

Sample Meal today                                                                                                        

2 Eggs, loads of vegetables, and some type of fat (avocado, nuts, etc)  

1-2 palm size protein, baked sweet potato and more vegetables, 2nd fat   

Dinner is a repeat of lunch maybe with a baked potato instead of the sweet one.                                         

This is personalized to me and I may add a fruit or some nuts to one or two of the meals.  I drink unsweetened tea throughout the day as well as coffee with a non-dairy creamer such as almond or coconut milk or both.  Sometimes we will add a meat with breakfast.  Or bacon. (bacon is a condiment on Whole30) 

All the meals are satisfying, I am left full.  No weighing or measuring and If I wanted something sweet I could have it.  However this RARELY ever happens. 


                                     Me now                                    September 2018

https://www.everydaywhole.com/ (A great site! Very informative)






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