Has It Really Been aYear?

The journey from our bed to the bath takes precisely sixteen steps.  Within those few steps are also the mud room, living room, kitchen, dining room, and second bedroom.  All throughout the day in our RV, we stroll passed these sections numerous times.  Most everything in the camper plays double duty.  The dining table is also our desk and the stove doubles as a cutting board.  One year ago we were packing up our house and downsizing our belongings.  Where we live today was just a concept then that would comfortably fit into the kitchen we were saying goodbye to.   We are not sure of the specific sq footage.  However, it was around 2300 sq ft with the playroom and garage.

I don’t miss the wide open spaces except for the counter space, and it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra cabinet or two.  As for furniture, I miss it all.  Chairs that pull away from the table, dual recliners to kick back and indulge in a movie, and a walk around bed.  We finalized our plans and moved here in late November, but our hearts were here long before our heads.

In the initial stages, I romanticized our tiny home on wheels.   I dreamed of typing blogs while drinking coffee in quart-sized cups.  Sitting around the table engaged in meaningful conversations about our life, and the travel we would now have time for.  Some of these things have happened but not in the amount I planned.  For most of our time here we have worked outside our little box home,  my husband more so than myself.  He has been pulling long days most times not returning until evening.  His drive has definitely improved, just over ten minutes now instead of seventy.  I see more of him now even with the long hours.

When our time living small comes to a close, we will be moving into a two bedroom, one bath home on our newly acquired land.  Our initial timeline of three years changed due to health problems, lack of proper insulation and safety from frequent weather disturbances.  In only nine months we were forced to look at alternative housing.  The camper will go with us and be available for recreational use, the manufacturer’s intended purpose.  We have enjoyed living here despite the few moments of discomfort over the furniture.  Communication is premium if the A/C isn’t running, and you don’t have to yell to get someone’s attention as they usually are within arms reach.

When we came here, outside storage was a must.  Since the move to tiny wasn’t permanent, there were a few things we wanted to keep.  My husband’s tools, photos, and gifts from the children.  During our initial downsize we removed fifty percent of our belongings and donated them to charity.  The rest we moved into a fifteen by twenty space as that was all that was available.  We are moving to a ten by ten hopefully at the end of this month.

This weekend we teamed up to rid ourselves of several boxes of items we no longer need and plan to do more eliminating in the coming week. I know that on move-in day when I see the amount of space we have there will be a fourth event of going through everything.  Just because we have more space, doesn’t mean I plan on giving up on minimalism.  Our load is lighter, but the trailer still tips as it goes down the road 🙂







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