You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again. -Benjamin Franklin

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We all have troubles.  Plautus felt the best answer for what ails us is Patience.   “Patience is the best remedy for every trouble”, he said.  I somewhat agree, but that is not the end of the story.  Patience, is required to work our problems out, but when the answer comes, we need to motivate ourselves to follow through.  Lack of motivation is the death to an agreeable solution.  Why do we fight so hard to solve our issues, then lay down and let them run over us?  The answer is different for everyone, but what we all have in common are the complaints after the interaction.  Any random day on social media users boast statements such as:  I am still single, lonely, fat, bored, tired, broke, angry, depressed, anxious, and spending too much time on here!  Those are just a few examples of what I have witnessed lately, and some of them are my own!   Here are the five major categories we (My husband and myself) struggle with today and continue to put off solving.


Last January I found myself gaining weight again!  This had been my umpteenth time attempting to reach my goal weight.  In addition, I was feeling very tired, weak, and achy. We were on a plane to Richmond Va and I decided to look for something different than I had tried in the past.  Not so much a diet per say but a total health transformation.  I stumbled onto after hours of research the perfect plan.  I went all in, using my Christmas money to purchase all the materials (Not required) because I like to have references.   Four books in all, describing in detail how to change my circumstances for the better.  I even joined the community, read over 1500 testimonials and blogs that had been written on the subject.  When we returned home, I grocery shopped, and finally fact checked all the data.  I was positive this was the right step for me.  It’s July, and all that work is collecting dust.  I’ve gained more weight, and have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and yet I have not begun this miracle transformation.


We have gained a little progress in this area, but have not paid off significant debt, and have taken on a bit more.  A year ago shopping was my therapy.  I would spend my last dollar at the craft store, and go home to add to my eclectic collection of supplies.  I rarely made anything.  My craft room was twelve by fourteen feet of stickers, embellishments, and paper shoved in every corner and crevice.  When I discovered minimalism and later moved into an RV with my husband, it was difficult to purchase additional items without an appropriate storage location.  I had to face my demons and now my spending today is three fourths of what it was.  We have a bit of a savings now, but still we have not learned to budget.  We enrolled in a class, purchased the required materials and yet two years later it sits on our bunk shelf.  We really want to start and learn how to be better stewards of money but again we hesitate.  I am currently in the middle of a thirty day shopping ban.


We had to get out of our house quick when we decided to sell.  The house needed a plethora of repairs so we rented a storage and moved some items out.  Originally, a ten by ten unit, located in the town we resided in.  We were only going to keep it until we moved to our land and into something besides the RV.  Later we ended up on a lot, not on our own land, an hour away from the storage unit.  The items had to be relocated from one city to another.  It didn’t take long to empty, as much of our belongings had been downsized or still remained in the rooms, that were unaffected by the remodeling.  This included the garage!  Today we have a ten by twenty storage, half full, inside and a ten by fifteen storage, crammed full, outside.  It’s a good thing minimalism came along!  We previously owned double that amount.  Now that the house is empty and occupied by the buyers (hopefully it will close soon) everything we own is in the same general area.  So far I’ve only packed up four boxes to give away.  The process of eliminating such a large storage is slow, and the four boxes I’ve packed up to donate are only a band aid.  Time is of the essence because when we move into our trailer, we are only increasing our space by six hundred sq ft.

Online Classes 

I’m taking several online classes to improve putting things off, simplifying our life, and to study the Bible.  All of which are currently in the Que.  A couple have begun, but none are completed.  I have to be a genuine procrastinator to procrastinate putting of classes about procrastinating!

Digital Clutter

Oh where do I start?  I’m good at starting…  Anyway I have thousands of pictures, emails, articles and documents.  If the trailer burned down or blew away today, what a loss it would be!  I need to weed through these items and back them up to a secure location.  Some of the photos date back to when I was a baby.  That was a while ago!  Not to mention the journals I have, that I plan to turn into a labor of love at some point.   It’s nearly 4 Terra-bytes of non-replaceable info.  I really need to get going on this one.

There you have it.  My own personal soap box of whining!  I/we need to set some goals, draw up some time lines and get cracking.  We have the technology, now all we need is the motivation to rise from the ashes and create something beautiful and new!  We have lost so much time.

Good luck to you in your personal triumphs

Mimi (Read more about Plautus here)

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