Only 24 Hours In a Day…Sir, Can We Please Have Another…

On Sunday, time was not our friend.  We woke up full of expectations, raring to go, for Sunday was christened “Empty the Garage Day.”  We sold the house, and the buyers are going to rent for a couple of weeks until the closing.  Inside the home, a few items lurked as well, paper plates and cups, a folding table and chairs, etc.  A little makeshift break area was set up for the commission of repairs.  Also, up until Friday, the cats were still residents, and all of their accessories remained. From the outside, the work seemed small and one day should sum things up.  Every load taken consisted of a three hour round trip to and from storage.  I’m going to stop right here and tell you that stashing our goods in rented boxes is our only option as of now.  I know it’s taboo and horrible, but we are waiting for the go-ahead to use the driveway to our land.  We will rename storage a necessary evil until another option is available.

The first load was full of sunshine and roses despite the high temperatures and “real feel” readings.  I cleaned out and loaded the inside of the car, completed a load of laundry, and trashed several items.  My husband managed the trailer and all the cargo.  We headed down the road for our first trip.  Did I mention that Saturday we had to rent yet another room???  We filled the first space, and even if you had to put a hamster in that one, it wasn’t happening.  My oversight in not choosing the correct size dimensions for the first outside room weighed on me.  Our garage wasn’t very minimalist, and we didn’t take that into account.  Tools, lawn equipment, and boxes from the attic had to be moved quickly, and time to downsize was not in the plans.  Pay attention because this leads to the ending of a frustrating day for an aspiring simplest.

The unloading went well, and I grabbed a few T-shirts for a friend who needed them, which allowed me to rid myself of at least seven items while cramming even more in.   When we finished, we headed back to our old hometown.  The second load did not go well, we were exhausted, heat stressed and had difficulty making oddly shaped items fit.   The amount was small, and much was NOT accomplished.  We opted for ice cream on the second trip.  A scheduling conflict with placement for our puppies while the land is readied finished out the day.  Moral of the story we did not get finished, and the move-in date is approaching!  I forgot to empty the inside and realized this at 8 pm on our way home.  The cleaning crew was expected to arrive the next morning!

My husband couldn’t help anymore as twelve hour days was on tap for the next four days.  I returned to the scene of the crime early in the a.m. and emptied the house.  The cleaning crew arrived,  I asked if they could start upstairs, they agreed.  The temps outside combined with the humidity felt like 107.  I’m currently fighting spinal stenosis but had to push through, and my weight did not help.  I had also planned to sweep the garage, but I didn’t want to exasperate my health.   Later in the day, I called our landscaper who is incredible and often works outside his purvue.  He agreed to help, and we were more than willing to compensate him.  He saved our bacon, and we are eternally grateful.  With both trailers, we were able to load everything else at the end of my husband’s work day.  We made it back to our RV three hours past our regular bedtime.  The other crew drug in at 12 midnight.  We couldn’t have done it without them.

If you need an example of why maximalism is not useful in our life application, reading this blog post will put it into perspective.  I have a few more items to pick up Wednesday ( a quarter of a carload).  We are finally out and have made clear rules for the future about junk remaining in our lives.  Procrastination says you have plenty of time to deal with it later, when in all actuality now is the best time.  Before you have to move.  I never want to beg for more time again unless it’s for something meaningful and mindful.  Definitely not to transport items that are probably going to land in the dumpster in a few weeks.


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