Impulse Shopping

Summer is quickly approaching, and the big box stores are geared up to collect the proceeds from impulse shoppers.  They know that the seven swimsuits you own are “so last season” and who can have enough flip flops?  I live in Mississippi, so in late March the end caps on the way to the sunblock are already set up to whisper those sweet nothings in passerby’s ears.  In the electronics section the newest bikinis in five different shades and words jump at you from around the corner.  “Pick me, Pick me”, they seem to say.  It is no error in judgement or product misplacement that bikinis are near the smart phone accessories.  The retailers have data on the most shopped isles, and they know exactly where placement of “need to move items” should occur.   You wouldn’t believe the things I’ve seen in the babyfood isle.

How do we resist all this summer glamour catapulted into our path?  I don’t know about you but it’s a fight I’ve battled my whole life.  Bikinis haven’t romanticised me, but they see Grandma coming too, especially at the first of the month.  Go into your local mass market stores and see how much the show stoppers change from the beginning of the month to the end.  It starts with decorative kitchenware and ends with toys, games and bouncy balls.  Today I saw Fourth of July picnicware.  You can only use that once a year, and there are many other once a year products vying for the billion dollar a year storage industry.  Impulse purchases overtake closets and end up encased inside those rolling doors, as we clamor for space.  They also end up stored on the bottom line of your credit card statement.  Just today I had to tell myself no several times and explain why I don’t need the fantastic and cool jelly beach shoes.  I have four pair of summer shoes already.

At the beginning of our summer (as I said it hits earlier than the calendar one here) I inventoried all my clothes.  I decided how many pairs of shorts, capris, and pants I needed.  How many tshirts, dress shirts and bathing suits that I had room for.  Remember the 333, I’m still a card carrying member, but I don’t have 33 items and so it was almost an excuse to purchase the missing pieces.  I don’t wear jewelry often so I only have shoes and clothes.  I decided that I am going to do a shopping ban to keep myself in check.  In my next blog post I will post my rules and make myself accountable to my subscribers.  I want to pay off debt, not accumulate useless stuff and more clothes than I need.  Our Mini McMansion is pretty full and I need to leave room for the important stuff.  I have never tried a shopping ban before so let’s see how it goes.  Want to join me? We can be accountability partners for each other.

Enjoy your summer,




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