When Having Enough Is Too much

If you have been following my blog for any amount of time, you know that we moved from a family sized home into a travel trailer.  It was just the two of us, spending all our time managing our home and property.  We gave away an excessive amount of stuff, and placed the rest in storage for further future plundering.  The house is still on the market (we had a contract but it fell through) and skeletons lie in the closets of unpacked items.

George Carlin (comedian) once created a comedic skit on stuff and how your home is nothing but a vessel for your stuff.  I wish we could sit down and have a conversation today about how he was spot on.  As of now, we have stuff in our old house, stuff in our new house, stuff in storage and stuff on our new land, which is landlocked.  More about this in a future blog.

Little by little things have made their way into our travel trailer.  Just a few necessities at first.  Then the fateful trip back home to pack another box and stowaways end up in the back of my car.  Well, we might need (insert item here) and it begins.  The trailer is feeling a bit claustrophobic now with all these “Just In Case Items” (The minimalists).  Then comes back up products, what if we run out of butter? Let’s buy two.  Understand, it’s a ten minute drive to the nearest tiny store, and a thirty minute drive to anything else.  However, is running out of butter the end of the world?

I used to be able to clean the trailer, dust and mop in two hours.  Now that we have all these additions to the mix, it takes ALL day.  I’m going to end this before it becomes a habit, so it’s time for action.  Who says you can not have three or four, or six or eight downsizes?

I have Wednesday slated for the removal of excess items from the trailer.  I know when it’s done, jubilation will return to our tiny home in the middle of nowhere.  Yesterday, I started on the car.  I’m anxious to see the final product of that as well.

I know if we work hard enough, one day all our items will be in one place and there will be less of them.  I’ve been working an excessive amount of hours and now that it has come to an end, I have the time to devote to converging and deleting what is left.  Minimalism is a process, I have been told by those who have come before me.  For some it has happened overnight, but for others it has taken years.  As long as the mass exodus continues without the infiltration, we are doing it right.

I hope your week is filled with the pitter patter of little feet walking your excess items out the door.

Take Care,



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