What Does Mother’s Day Mean To You?

All of us were born to a woman.  What role she has/has not filled inside the span of your life may be different from say your neigbor or best friend.  You may consider her an incubator or the person you call first during a crisis.  Whatever this woman means to you, your very existence at one point was dependent on her.

I consider myself lucky to have had my mom most of my life.  She died shortly after my 50th birthday and I miss her everyday.  I have spoke with many people recently who have shared sad stories of abandonment, loss and betrayal.  Their mother broke the bond, tortured and ridiculed them.  She made everyday of their life a situation in which they had to overcome to become mother’s themselves.

Perhaps you have been blessed with the gift of motherhood. Today you are celebarating how far strawberry jelly can go or how long your supplies will hold until your next trip to the market.  If your wife is a mother, you may be extraordinarily grateful for all the little things she does to keep harmony flowing in your home.

There is another category of mother’s that are not often considered.  These are the father’s who are raising their children alone with no support from the woman who birthed their offspring.  They fill both roles, along with the single mother’s who rarely receive support emotionally or physically from their child’s father.

There may be a woman who entered your life who has met or meets all of your needs as a child or adult but missed out on carrying you in their womb, instead she now carries you through life.

Next, there are grandmothers, and great-grandmother’s some of which you have lived with and who have supported you when your mother was not able.  Sometimes older women in our lives will step up and fill in for an absent mother in our adult lives.

Being a mother of a mother is interesting.  My grandkids and children are very important to me.  When you are in this special category it’s Double the love!

Chances are, you know a mother who fits one or more of the above described roles.  Today is the day his/her life’s accomplishments in fostering a younger person is celebrated.  Stop and wish him/her a wonderful day and if your a hugger pass one on.  They deserve it.








Published by: Midlifemimi

My husband and I are working toward a life of simplicity. We have six children and twelve grand-kids. This August we will be expecting our first Great-grandchild. My husband works full time and as of now, I am a stay at home wife. Our big house is up for sale. We currently live in a travel trailer near my husband's work. We recently purchased land and are anxiously looking forward to moving, but there are a few hangups.

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2 thoughts on “What Does Mother’s Day Mean To You?”

  1. I love you. This is beautiful. You are a great mother. Momma Jean was a great mother also. You got it from her. Happy mothers day to you. 😁🌹♥️😍

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