Order Up!

My fine readers I am about to share some very exciting news!  We have a signed offer on the big house!  We signed a realty contract on the 12th, and our realtor placed the sign.  Then, a showing was requested before the listing hit the web!  The deal happened so fast I imagined myself in a diner and ordering up buyers.

The house and termite inspection is next on our plate, along with packing up the few items that remain.  If all goes well, our final house payment was Friday.  The closing is scheduled at the end of May, our land closing should happen at the end of April.  Now that its a possibility that our lives will become more settled, thoughts of a permanent home are drifting in.

Do not fret, we love our tiny McMansion.  However we desire everyone and everything together in one place.  A laundry list of items are needed and those include:  a survey, landscaping and septic system.  Power boxes, fencing and outdoor storage for the mower and tools.  A driveway, utilities and a concrete pad, and these are only to start.  I cannot help myself but to consider the last thing on the list which is a permanent dwelling.

A discussion of every manner and type of home is being considered.  These range from cardboard boxes to storage containers and everything in between.  On some days a drag and drop home seems more appropriate, and on others starting from the ground up works too.  Our three major problems include:  Lack of a fixed budget, uncertain time frame, and just pure laziness.  We are getting older and have just finished two years of construction and remodeling woes.  Acquiring a manufactured home seems easy.

Whatever we decide we will at least be together and our fur babies won’t hate us anymore.  Again, I look forward to the day when the family and all their accouterments are contained within the same three acres.



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