Celebrating the Lull

Life changes, we all go through them at some point.  Self-driven changes such as the addition of a partner or deciding to become a parent are exhilarating.  Others, such as a the loss of a loved one, or the end of a career require time to heal, personal restructuring and an emotional support system.  It’s not unheard of that a person could experience both types of changes at once.  The focus for today is Life changes that are chosen.

In July of last year I started this blog full of fire and energy.  It was my goal to chronicle our story as we left our 2400 sq foot house in search of RV Nirvana.  Tiny living and minimalism had struck a cord with us.  We desired a simplified journey and began to work the plan.  In November we purchased our trailer and headed for the camp site.  The overall goal was to sell the house, purchase property and eventually build a tiny foundation home. The construction side of our permanent residence was last on our minds.

We began to encounter problems when the house did not sell within it’s first six months on the market.  The property needed a revamp, therefore it was listed initially as a fixer.  We received zero offers as no person was willing to take on the work.  This setback derailed us and we gave up.  We decided to do the work ourselves. Then, at the age of 96 my grandfather passed away.  Shouldered with the burden of becoming the oldest person in my immediate family, I sought to remove any roadblocks from our path.  I now craved instead of desired for the plan to be completed.  We hired a new agent, who contracted out the repairs, and our home is is going back on the market next week.

If that weren’t enough changes, a land for sale sign suddenly appeared at the end of our rural road.  This ended a six month search of searching and coming up empty.  The property was already outfitted with electric, water and gas.  Leaving us only a septic system, land survey and landscaping. Things were finally falling into place.  We feel confident the house will sell this time.  The current problem is our personal belongings and fur babies are being tended to in two different counties.  We have items in two separate storage locations (one climate, one regular) the trailer and what remains in our former home.

The sum of all that has happened and the time needed to bring everyone and everything together has created a lull.  Not to mention a need to finish downsizing.  If all that weren’t enough we are working serious amounts of overtime at our jobs.  We also need to finalize the footprint of our permanent home for landscaping purposes.  We have so many types and ideas of how our future house will be look, and the materials to be used, that urgency and despair have set in.

This has led me to the realization that lull’s should be and will be celebrated.  This is the quiet time of life changes.  When all the preparations have been made and the magic is waiting in the wings.  We have plenty of time to finalize the end result.  Why did I feel compelled to craft everything at once?  A plan was developed, the kinks were being worked out.  Urgency was not needed and unappreciated by my husband.  We need to make a list (my daughter favorite thing to do) of what needs to be done and in what order.  Then we can sit back, put our feet up, tick the list and celebrate our LULL.








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