Nope…Not Today

Three days ago I awoke ready to conquer the world.  Clearly a vertical attitude and not a horizontal one I found out.  The moment my feet hit the floor my body stated to me, “Nope, not today.”  My story doesn’t begin here, merely my blog post.  Throughout our state, there is a wicked virus going around.  It is currently affecting one-quarter of our city, and one third to half my husband’s workplace.  Friday afternoon he called from work and stated he would be ending his workday early.  Saturday, a repeat of the same.  My husband rarely leaves early or takes a personal day.

Backtracking a bit to my conquering, I found out that my job which was supposed to start back up at the beginning of January was delayed by funding.  This I thought, would be the perfect time to continue my downsizing efforts.  I drove into town from our trailer site humming and happy to put this chapter of our life behind us.  That was Wednesday of last week.  Each day that passed I was able to get some things done, but it only scratched the surface of the total job.  I attributed my lack of production to being overwhelmed.  I had no energy or motivation.  By Sunday morning my husband called work and informed them he would not be in.

The illness had invaded the house, one down, one to go.  The reason for his early out days and lack of energy was probably his body breaking down.  I had a few sniffles, but no other symptoms.  He, on the other hand, was coughing, sneezing, chilling and aching all over.  An afternoon trip to the urgent care revealed he had “The Crud” as we affectionately call no name illnesses.  He was tested for the flu and strep, which was our first two guesses but both bore a negative result.

Then we found out that Tuesday we were to have bad weather.  Some snow but even more freezing rain.  We live in the deep south, our state nor county is prepared for such weather.  It usually happens once a year, and waiting it out is the way you deal with it.  Monday a trip to the store was in order, I knew there was a possibility that I would not feel like cooking if I became sick.  Further, the restaurants would most likely be closed, and we couldn’t rule out a power outage.  I stocked up on food, logs for the fire and convenience items.  Near the end of the trip, I knew I was doomed.  My bones began to throb, my head was pounding, and I needed a nap.  I hate sleeping twice in one day, so mid-afternoon siesta’s are typically avoided.

By Monday night my husband had a fever, continued chills and could not walk across the floor.  His pulse ox had already started to fall, and I began chilling as well.  Tuesday I woke up, lay in bed for a while, and decided today was the day I was getting things done, I felt terrific!  That is until I stood up.  Two down, none to go.  It hit within a matter of seconds.  No warning and one by one I owned each one of my husband’s previous symptoms except the continued coughing.

We took turns getting up, each time bringing back something for the other person.  By Wednesday I had a fever, and on Thursday he stayed home to take care of me, plus he was still not well himself.  It was also the first day we were advised to travel.  We managed a trip out to our mini McMansion.  We were supposed to go Sunday, but with his illness, we didn’t want to risk it.  We had plans to return to the big house after Sunday’s trip anyway to care for our outside dogs.  They would need to be brought in as the low was expected to plummet to fifteen degrees.  A note, we rarely experience those temps here.

When we arrived at the trailer, we found the propane was depleted.  The rig had gone as low as sixteen degrees inside.  The lieu water was frozen, as well as my coffee water, and the pipes.  The faucet had blown off the sink.  We warmed up the trailer, and today will reinspect for further damage.

Better to repair a faucet than lose our fur babies who cannot be replaced.  Hopefully, we will find some land soon, and they can join us.  We tried to make Annika an inside dog when we adopted her, but she is terrified of the house and refuses to stay in it.  We basically had to buy an indoor kennel to get her to come in.  She feels safe in there.  When we brought Zoey home, Annika assumed Zoey was hers and would howl until we brought her outside.

In the end, I emptied out two rooms but more importantly deleted 2.5 terabytes of pictures all duplicates while I was ill and couldn’t get around.  I’m a hobby photographer and have fear issues.  I have multiple hard drives and I continue to make backup copies of everything!  For now, everything is neatly arranged on one hard drive.  I have more work to do as I have two additional hard drives and two computers between us. My illness gave me the opportunity to attack something that probably most of us do not consider to be clutter.  Digital clutter is now being recognized as something we need to relieve ourselves of.

Wherever you go, stay well and be safe.  I’m aware this storm impacted more than just us and we fared well compared to others.



Published by: Midlifemimi

My husband and I are working toward a life of simplicity. We have six children and twelve grand-kids. This August we will be expecting our first Great-grandchild. My husband works full time and as of now, I am a stay at home wife. Our big house is up for sale. We currently live in a travel trailer near my husband's work. We recently purchased land and are anxiously looking forward to moving, but there are a few hangups.

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2 thoughts on “Nope…Not Today”

  1. I wish I’d thought to let you know this before. Another RV tip, even tho it’s a bit late. Never leave the water on when you leave your camper. Turn the water off at the spigot then go in and open and leave open the faucets in sinks, shower and never forget the toilet. I forgot the toilet one time and didn’t realize until the water was running out of the bottom of my camper. Be sure to add a little water to the toilet to keep the ring from drying out. Or add antifreeze in the toilet. If you’ll be gone from your camper for long term, like I am when I’m home during the winter, add antifreeze to all your drains. Hope you’re both 100% again soon.



    1. Thank you, we actually disconnected the water but didn’t drain the lines. We thought we were going back before the storm hit. Then sickness hit. I will keep this handy so I remember what to do next time but it’s rare for us to leave the camper this long. Your advice is always valuable, thank you for weighing in! So far we are enjoying it if we could get back there full time more. Thankfully the temps have left freezing for the time being. Take Care!


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