The Web Defines one type of reflection as the act of reflecting, as in casting back a light or heat, mirroring, or giving back or showing an image; the state of being reflected in this way.

The word reflection has many meanings.  Recently I spotted a fine example of the above definition when I peered into the kitchen for the purpose of checking the clock.  My cat was standing just inside, appearing to be lost in thought.


While sitting there casting a perfect shadow her mind may have given way to another form of reflecting.  I took that moment to grab my cell, hoping she wouldn’t move and snapped the photo.  At the same time, I began a thought process that led me to this post.

Earlier in the day I was working on my 333 project (2nd round) and downsizing our master bedroom.  As I picked up each article of clothing that had been stored for three months (the maybe pile) I started to realize I’d forgotten what was in each box.  The rules say if this occurs to donate it.  However, in my situation, the “maybe” boxes became maybe there are enough clothes in here that still fit.  I’ve been losing weight and almost all the clothes I used in the last 90 days are too big.  So maybe if I can build a wardrobe out of this land of forgotten apparel (and the few things I had to buy) I won’t have to invest in more items I may size out of.

Another box held sentimental clothing (forget Nike, “Just don’t do it”) it’s a trap.  I couldn’t bear to part with the memories, so I en-shrined the memorial articles in plastic.  I plopped them onto the cement floor of our storage and walked away.  When I went back to pick them up I was stronger somehow.  I began to consider a solution so they wouldn’t return their dusty prison.  The result? A combination of donation and re-purpose.  My daughter makes T-shirt quilts out of sentimental clothing.  We will be moving soon to a less-insulated place and will need extra blankets.  That way I can reminisce and stay warm at the same time.  However, I selected only enough to complete the project and donated everything else.  Other items not part of that particular box that was no longer in use joined the donation pile.


I thought about the day I purchased these items and wondered.  What was I thinking?Were these impulse buys?  Why did these garments end up here instead of in my closet?  What can I do next time to prevent this from happening again?

Just like magic three overstuffed bins turned into one.  Most of the remaining clothes don’t fit me right now.  They are things I must lose more weight to wear.  Once I get into that size (the smallest clothes I own) I will probably have to shop when that quarter ends.  By that point, there will be no more reflections of days gone by but a future of deliberate intentional buying.

My next post will include my final choices of what made it into my closet, a more focused and detailed buying lesson.  And a diary of feelings during that fateful eight-hour day.





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