Whatever your Hustle is…

Last November I was admitted to the E.R. for high blood pressure.  I knew something had to change.  I joined Weight Watchers and in four months I managed to lose forty pounds and two clothing sizes.  My first backslide surfaced on our eighteenth-anniversary cruise.  I decided to enjoy my vacation and forgo the plan.  This resulted in a six pound gain which I quickly recovered from after returning to work.  Staying on target after the lapse made losing weight a little less accommodating.  I complained frequently but stuck to it.  I managed to lose another fifteen pounds over the next few weeks.  July came and went and another vacation, followed by another excuse.  That resulted in my new clothes being tight and uncomfortable, plus six pounds.  This time returning to the way in which I should go was grueling.  I hated it every day but still lost five of the six regained. When I left for Texas I assured myself I would return victoriously having lost another ten pounds.  However, homesickness and an ear infection sent me on a binge and I’m plus three and down on myself.

In August my husband and I made some very wise choices and started the path to minimalism and tiny living.  At first, I went at these changes full force downsizing faster than a speeding bullet.  As the days wore on, I slowed down and now I sit here today with fifty percent fewer items and did I mention the word “sit”?  The same thing happened with paring down my items as it did with my food.  The only difference? I did not bring a truckload of stuff back from work as I usually do.  So what happened to me?

On both accounts, I lost my hustle.  I had plans I headed in with both feet and now I am plunked on my butt. I let the proverbial grass grow under my feet.   Today I am beginning my recovery plan.  I am back on the WW plan, counting my points, and not whining.  As hard as it is to lose, it’s harder to accomplish anything laying down. I’m also going to return to minimizing.  It’s a bold step to start both up again together, but I believe it will keep me busy and focused off calories.

Whatever your hustle is, don’t stop believing (in yourself) you can accomplish it!  It really is ok to take a moment to reflect, just don’t concentrate too long and stare.  The new you that is reflecting back might be nice, but you’re only halfway there.  The finish line is just a little further, so give it that extra push and win the race.

Happy Halloween! (and stay out of the candy!)


Before and After Pics…


Published by: Midlifemimi

My husband and I are working toward a life of simplicity. We have six children and twelve grand-kids. This August we will be expecting our first Great-grandchild. My husband works full time and as of now, I am a stay at home wife. Our big house is up for sale. We currently live in a travel trailer near my husband's work. We recently purchased land and are anxiously looking forward to moving, but there are a few hangups.

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