Q&A Time

We are going through many life changes right now, and blogging about those have really helped us cope.  After a while, there is only so much you can write about when considering that our changes are currently still in progress.  In looking at my stats, I had more readers when I slightly veered off the minimal/tiny/debt-free path.  I’d like to switch things up a bit for a while and write some off-topic blogs.  This is where you can help.  I have some questions and would love for you to answer them in the comments.  Thanks in advance for your help!

  1.  In writing off-topic blogs should I use the same blog site (Mid-Life Mimi) or start a separate one?
  2. If I use the same one should I go with a different theme?  i.e. So I can add tabs to separate the blog topics?
  3. What are some of the topics you would like to hear about?  Even if they are related to what I have been writing that is fine.
  4. I don’t mention this too often, but I am a hobbyist photographer.  Would you like to see more pictures?
  5. I have also traveled quite a lot.  Is travel overdone?  I know minimalism is a bit overdone also.
  6. We also have quite a few grandkids.  Do posts about children interest you?
  7. Lastly, how often, is too often to post.

Looking forward to hearing your answers!



Published by: Midlifemimi

My husband and I are working toward a life of simplicity. We have six children and twelve grand-kids. This August we will be expecting our first Great-grandchild. My husband works full time and as of now, I am a stay at home wife. Our big house is up for sale. We currently live in a travel trailer near my husband's work. We recently purchased land and are anxiously looking forward to moving, but there are a few hangups.

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18 thoughts on “Q&A Time”

  1. Use the same site, but categorize those posts differently according to the genre.

    Personally, yes I would love to know about your travels and your grandchildren. A lot more pictures won’t hurt, I guess they should be easy on the eye.

    Many posts every day is, in my opinion, too often. 1 post per day is the maximum I’ll call often enough. You may disagree on this.

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    1. Great feedback! Thank you!! I’ll look at some themes that allow multiple tabs. Actually, I thought once a day was too much. I know I have three posts in 24 hrs but that is not the norm for me. I don’t disagree at all. I appreciate the feedback, I hate not knowing what people think.

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  2. I like the idea of having different tabs for the different topics. I would love to hear more about the grandkids, I miss them bunches. More than once a day may be too often if it’s a regular thing but I’ve been keeping myself caught up pretty easily. I would like to see more on how your marriage works and I don’t think travel or minimalism is overdone.

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  3. It’s your blog so write about what you want to write about. I would be interested in travel and photography and anything really!


  4. Hi Mimi…sorry so late again! 😳

    I think it’s a great idea to write about other topics. And I agree with everyone else’s opinions so far. Personally, I’m not much into travel, but I’d love to see more photos and posts about your grandchildren. Also, just general posts about how your day went, or if something good or bad happens, etc.

    Btw, if you need any help getting your blog set-up the way you want, let me know on my Theme Help page. I just spent the weekend helping a lovely woman from England. Of course you can do it on your own. Just thought I’d offer 🙂

    Have a good day!


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