If Only I Had A HOT Cup of Coffee…

Two weeks ago I was snatched from my fuzzy pajama, white mocha loving world.  We were on our way to a pauper’s grave one dollar at a time, so I left home in search of the mighty dollar.  I gave in to keeping everyone’s lights on as well as my own.  I tied my laces in several knots and headed down to our local nuclear power plant.  My husband goes there everyday in his attempt to keep us in the red.  Lately however, those bright eye catching numbers have been on the dull pink side.  Home repairs, a new to us car, and trying to keep our fuzzy children alive have taken a toll on our finances.  The only way to recover was to slip into some scrubs and head into twelve-hour work days with a smile on my face and the hope of food in our bellies.  Next month I’m headed to Texas for a month in hopes that we can get our new life train situated on it’s track.

The hours pile on me like snow, just a thin layer at first then after the first foot or two I become unrecognizable as a human.  Adding to my misery is the absence of quality slumber.  My bones ache and feel as if a Chicago winter has entered them and set up a homestead.  Coffee is of little help as the steam leaves it before I savor the second sip.  We are busy and there is much to do and none of it can be done in the kitchen.  Once on break it doesn’t taste the same reheated.  Stale, bitter and cold it remains.  So it’s a soda or a glass of tea, some crackers and back at it as they say.  The one major benefit of all this suffering is the ability to change our bottom line.  To attempt to correct the mistakes from the times we lived above our means.

We need a day off, but it’s no rest for the weary as we head to our group’s convention which was planned long before we started torturing ourselves for a living.  It will be awesome to see our friends we have missed so much, but it will be tainted with sleepy yawns and unnourished minds.  Sustenance will be aplenty for me, but my husband has already had his day in the hot sun.  Working hard to make the house look presentable his day off was nothing more than a break from the hour long drive in.  For the last two weeks we have eaten frozen lunches and unfortunately that will continue for him.  I will enjoy HOT coffee and homemade food.  I will be on my feet all day chronicling the event in pixels to look back on later and create our albums for next year.

Following this weekend, there will be a union and more snapshots for the bride and groom to treasure.  For now rest is elusive, but it sure will be nice to escape the clanging gate tomorrow.

Peace out,



Published by: Midlifemimi

My husband and I are working toward a life of simplicity. We have six children and twelve grand-kids. This August we will be expecting our first Great-grandchild. My husband works full time and as of now, I am a stay at home wife. Our big house is up for sale. We currently live in a travel trailer near my husband's work. We recently purchased land and are anxiously looking forward to moving, but there are a few hangups.

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