How Much is that Doggie in the Vet’s Office?

Ah, emergencies…Don’t I love them!  Yesterday, I was sitting around the house making financial plans and setting up bills for tomorrow’s income when out of nowhere, crisis!  I opened my back door to give my sweet babies their breakfast and my oldest dog Annika ran into the house past me.  “Well, that was weird”, I was thinking out loud.  Most people wouldn’t find it so unless you know Annika.  It’s a feat to get her in the house when it is too cold or too hot outside, she loathes being inside.  She ran back outside when she realized there was food and with her back to me, I pointed her in the right direction.  I went to click the door and in horror saw blood smeared across the adjacent wall.  I quickly ran to the glass and looked out as she turned her face toward me I gasped.  She had somehow sliced open her face.  Thank God my lawn guy was there.  He helped me get her harnessed up and into the car in which I broke several laws for speeding.  Now I am not an advocator of speeding, nor do I recommend it, but I was in a panic.

Once we arrived at the vet (thankfully a 5-minute drive) we realized what had happened to her.  She had dug a hole in our huge backyard and attempted to go exploring under the chain link fence.  Three hundred and Sixty-Nine dollars later she is ready to be picked up.  My husband has been working overtime all week and is getting paid today.  If that had not been the case, I don’t know what we would have done.  We have been trying to get started on the Dave Ramsey plan, and a month or two ago we had a 1,000.00 emergency fund.  Then we had three emergencies that kept eating away at it and were unable to fill it back up completely before this crisis.  This paycheck and next it was to be replenished.  When we have so many financial crises’ at once what are we to do?  That is why I will be so elated when a buyer finally shows up.  Maybe then I can create a pet emergency fund.

There is good news on the horizon, I may have picked up a contract job for a few weeks. The proceeds earned would be an awesome addition to our savings.  However, it is going to affect the downsizing as I will be working 12 hours a day.  Until then, I plan to do as much as possible.  I need to get geared up for being on my feet anyway.  This morning it is off to Home Depot again. (I swear we should own part of that company by now!) I need to get a few pieces to finish the dream of the downstairs bath.  We have been desperate to remodel it for 14 years and now that dream is about to be a reality.  It is nearly complete.  I know this will drastically improve the look, and be attractive to buyers.  The bathroom is from the 80’s and the walls were heavily damaged.  We decided to remodel it due to the fact that buyers see it within the first few seconds of entering the house.

Well, that is my update for today, I hope everyone is working on their emergency fund because you never know when something will happen.  I am leaving you with a writing I created yesterday.  I am including it because it was very therapeutic to put pen to paper. I hope you find some value in it.  Forgive my grammar if you will. 🙂

Thanks Everyone for your continued support,



Goodbye Dear Box

I stare at you dear box, what shall I toss your way? A mirror to the real me or a memory from a rainy day.

It’s easy at first, tossing things here and there; useless items leaving are not a burden to bear. 

How did this happen, I stop to wonder; Seeking and searching, filling carts with plunder?

I ache to fill you I am lost amongst this clutter; Minimal, minimal I continue to mutter.

With all this departing, I will have more time for family and friends;  an answer to the isolation and misery that never seems to end.

“Write a blog”, they all said It will help you understand; “Truly it has”, Thanks much for the hand.

I’m going faster now as I want this box to be full; I want to go outside and seek life’s pull.

Twelve items now I can feel the warm sun; I hastily grab a few more, I’m nearly done.

I’m holding the tape but I have more to pack; It’s getting harder to top off the emptiness, I feel I’m holding back.

Just then Confusion follows as the cardboard gives way; The contents are now strewn and hard to keep at bay.

I search for a new box, a better one this time; as I dig it out of the pile my back begins to whine. 

It’s bigger and requires more cast offs than before; Will I ever see the other side of this door?

It’s hard to say how I will feel in the end; For now, I am clearly on the mend.

So, Goodbye dear box, I’ve reclaimed more of my soul; I now have Less to manage, less to hold.





4 thoughts on “How Much is that Doggie in the Vet’s Office?”

  1. I’m so glad that Annika is okay! That must have been traumatic for you (it would be for me). And I feel you on that vet bill! I don’t take my pets unless it is truly an emergency, like with your dog.

    I have to say Mimi, that you wrote an amazing poem! It was cohesive and made sense. And I just love poetry that rhymes – great job! 🙂


    1. Thank you so much on Annika…Yes my heart was racing the whole time! If I had known how serious it was it would have been much worse. The vet said once he cleaned her up she was cut from her ear cartilage to her jaw. Thank you so much for commenting on the poem. I have been sitting here thinking it was garbage because 60 people read it and not one comment.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awe, not to worry. I don’t many comments either. And I’ve seen bloggers with thousands of followers, a ton of views, but very few comments. Also, when you have a lot of posts to read, it might be easier to click “like” and move on. I try to comment if the post moves me in some way.

        Liked by 1 person

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