Weird Al Yankovic

I know I have been posting more frequently the past few days than your garbage runs, but I woke up this morning in the oddest mood.  I suddenly realized I’m living in an Al Yankovic song.  I’m the same person when I look in the mirror, but the words and the humor have changed.  I am no longer clinging to my original words or things.  For example, I no longer say I need that (insert item here) when I really just want it.   There are times when I did say that and I was using credit.  In those times, I not only paid the sticker price for the “thing” but the interest on the card as well.  I never pondered that in the store before the purchase, I doubt any of us do.  If we did we wouldn’t end up with clutter and debt.

Other lessons Not learned until lately…Back in 2006 when we purchased this house the first time, the interest rate was nine percent.  We HAD to have this house, or so we thought.  Our payments were 1800.00 a month! (For Mississippi that is a lot)  A year later, our bacon was saved when our mortgage lender went out of business.  They sold out to a nationwide well-known bank and they refinanced us at five percent.  The payments are now around 1250.00 a month.  You would think that would have paper clipped to our brains.  Nope!  Just this year (before the big changes in our life) we HAD to have a car, and we weren’t willing to wait.  The new car is financed eleven percent, and no one is beating down our door now to refinance.  We always want what we can’t afford and creditors know that.  They are lining up on the sidelines (sidebars of our computers) waiting.  They are tracking our wants until such time as they can conclude what creative words or phrases will drive us to need.

One other mindset change which is unwelcome is that I am growing more impatient.  I know you are aware that is the opposite of whats supposed to happen, so let me explain.  The more things I get rid of the happier I am.  So anything that stops me from working on this massive undertaking, gets on my nerves.  I don’t want this to continue and I know its short lived.  I have some theories of why this has occurred.  First of all, the balance of what has left the house is less than the balance of what remains. I am sure when the opposite is true, my patience will improve.  Secondly, I credit this shift in my tolerance to the unintentional extra things that landed in my perfect world yesterday.  Our office was minimized last week and has in a very short time, become my Zen space.  Due to the water damage in the hallway, we have had to move some construction type items and flooring boxes into the office.  This will be temporary but I need to convince myself of this so I can move on.

When I am not glued to the computer and actually working on our future,  I am like a twenty-year-old with headphones, only instead of following the beat other people set, I am creating my own personal mix tape.  I have subscribed to the podcasts.  This keeps me busy and honest with myself and encourages me to press forward.  I started at number one and am listening to them in order.  I hope I don’t catch up before the downsizing is complete 🙂  Definitely not before I tackle the paper clutter and my craftroom (shudder).  Whatever your mindset is, and whatever beat you are following, I hope it’s moving toward happiness and not stepping in the same place.  The beat is on!




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