Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

In order to make the house more attractive, we decided along with our realtor to redo the half bath downstairs.  It was severely outdated (1978 Brady Bunch outdated) ceramic tile everywhere.  In its day, I am sure it was beautiful!  The previous owners had very good taste, but trends change.  The lower level of the house is all concrete slab.  Mastic reared its ugly head as something that becomes the chore to remove.  Mastic is water based and therefore you must continue adding water while scraping.  That water did not stay in the bathroom.  It went into the coat closet, and under the laminate, and we were none the wiser.  Later in the day as the floor began to buckle we panicked.  Where was the water coming from?  We banged on walls, mapped out the floor plan, and checked on the A/C unit.  Then it dawned on my husband and we opened the coat closet to find it full of water.

The floor is nearly new.  It was added in Christmas of 2016 as part of the remodel.  The molding had not yet made it down yet.  As I stated earlier in a previous post the whole house is under going a remodel.  Today my husband is replacing the flooring that was damaged.  He is quite exhausted from yesterday.  Spending the whole day removing mastic, then pulling up Two-hundred square feet of flooring.  Then I burned dinner because I was paying attention to the water.  Can anyone say, “Get the door its Domino’s”?  Yep, we called them and they came to the rescue.  Then we spent the next two hours vegging in front of the TV.

On the two steps forward, the coat closet has been downsized as well as the shoes.  Half the spare room is done.  I am excited to start this new chapter.  I hope and pray “Mayhem” from Allstate doesn’t show up again!



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