Dressing Room Confessions, from Project 333

I recently enrolled in the Project 333 class and challenge.  In the past five months, I have downsized my closet several times.  I have been losing weight since November 2016.  Every few weeks I would do an evaluation of my clothes to ascertain the fit.  When I went to my closet yesterday to start on the challenge, I laughed at how little clothing I actually owned.  Even joked about the fact I should be finished in the space of an hour.  How wrong I was!  While I had been downsizing my clothes, I hadn’t been downsizing my accessories, shoes, bags or coats.  I also had an impressive collection of 33 T-shirts.  Funny how things work out!  It took more like four hours.  The yoga pants were the hardest to let go of.  I lived in them, they were by my side through the entire weight loss.

Yesterday for the first time I wore real clothes to Walmart.  A blouse and denim shorts.  This morning I woke up, went straight to my closet and put on Capri’s and a t-shirt instead of lounge wear, or staying in my PJ’s.  The positive effects are countless, and my mental attitude about getting dressed has improved.  It will be tough not to bring anything new in.  My eyes still wander and I have rejected many pretty things over the past few weeks.

When I knew I was going to participate in the challenge, I stopped buying clothes.   As everyone now knows, my husband and I are becoming minimalists.  No one called us crazy when we announced we were changing our life and declared that our goal was to own less.  When I announced I was doing Project 333, the shudders started, and people questioned my motives.  Men even commented their disbelief and said their wives’ were saying, “NOT ME”!  After some time passes I am sure things will settle down.  I will have had some experience and will be able to pass along what I have learned.  My maybe box is only half full, mostly Tshirts.  Even though I downsized a couple of times before I still accumulated a donate pile.    Here is a pic below of my current closet.


(Items not pictured include: Three pair shorts, five pairs shoes, two coats, one pair earrings and a purse)  That’s all for now!  Wish me luck!

Mimi 🙂

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