Pins of Yesteryear

The first time I was introduced to Pinterest, I wasn’t sure what it was, or how it worked.  I was talking to my daughter and she said, “Man I have been on Pinterest all day!”  “What is Pinterest, I asked?”  It was a very dangerous question and one that would take many years to understand.  I have a friend Lindsey who spends a lot of time on Pinterest.  One day I received a notification saying that Lindsey just pinned her 10,000th pin!  How could anyone have that many pins? What on earth could be so interesting that you would need to pin that many items?  I regretted being inquisitive about it a year later after I finished school and hadn’t yet found a job.  In a few months time, I managed to add three thousand pins to my list.  Now I have over five thousand, and counting.  Five or Ten thousand may seem excessive to you if you have never used Pinterest. Or perhaps you have tried it, and it never had you in its steely grip.   It has me, as a matter of fact, I think it’s the best App ever invented.  Why? Where else can you go on the internet that samples practically every topic?  A place where women, men, and children all live in harmony?

So what does Pinterest have to do with this conversation anyway?  As you know yesterday I wrote a post about my current craft room.  If you haven’t read it, check it out.  Five years ago, before I decided to have a midlife crisis and give away or sell practically everything we own, I had a fascination with craft rooms.  I pinned every awesome example of a craft room I could find.  My favorite one, having a myriad of shelves and drawers from floor to ceiling, corner to corner.  At the time my things would have looked sparse in there.  Now I could fill one wall if I gave up all my MDF furniture.  Just two days ago I ran into a similar looking room while surfing the big, bad net.  Did I salivate?  Did I click the button faster than the speed of light?  Nope, I just stared at it in wonder and realized that for my needs, that was wasted space.  After all, our next home is smaller than that luxurious craft room.

The owner revealed something about that room.  Can you guess what it was?  She had ten thousand pieces of scrapbook paper.  Sound Familiar?  You bet!  She could open up a store.  Understand I am not against her wonderful collection of scrapbook supplies.  For her, this was an important journey.  It was her dream to own and occupy such a room.  She decided what she wanted, and she went out and made it happen.  Me, I’ll just hang out in the “many thousand” lands of Pinterest.  Me and Lindsey like it there.

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