What I’m Crafting These Days

Fourteen months ago when we returned to this house, we weren’t sure what to do with the room that used to be my craft room.  In the mobile home, we had shared an office space (well my husband had a desk in there) with all my craft supplies.  In a 14×80 mobile home, the second bedroom is still quite large and can easily accommodate an office or craft room (in our case both).  I downsized my craft furniture and purchased three large bookshelves that lined the back wall.  A bargain at 29.00 each.  I kept a couple of the MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) pieces.  Normally painted white, many scrapbook storage pieces are built out of it.  Below you will see one of the bookshelves filled with random things.


When we moved out of our current home to the trailer,  I had a stationary craft desk that wrapped around the entire room with a glass top.  Inside the glass were all my favorite photos.  (My favorite desk ever especially since my husband built it.) However, when we returned to our current home, we ultimately decided it had to go.  It was attached to the wall and took up quite a lot of space.  After much thought and debate, the decision was made to set the room up as a craft room again.  I needed a desk to replace the one we removed.  Many hours on Pinterest revealed no acceptable substitution.  Money was tight also, so I finally decided on folding tables.  From a practical standpoint, we didn’t have to worry about damage and I could fold them down if I needed extra space.


As you can see, one of the tables is now used for sorting and packing of the entire house.  Bin One is the box I’m currently going through.  Bin two is the box going to storage (we will have about four of those total).  Those four bins will house items we do not want to re-buy in two years.  Bin three is for the garage sale, and bin four will be items going to our temporary home.  Since travel trailers are quite small, one bin will be plenty.  I have only crafted once since we moved back in.  I’m sad that I have no time for that anymore.  More about that later.  Here are the rest of the main components of my current craft room.

I have only crafted once since we moved back in.  I’m sad that I have no time for that anymore.  More about that later.  Here are the rest of the main components of my current craft room.



As you can see, downsizing this will be quite the chore!  Minimizing a craft room is a task that I have taken on three times.  I have to agree with the experts on this one, a project like this needs to be put off until last.  Most components of a room this size are small and you can really get caught up in the emotion.  Although I have to admit I did get rid of a few decor items already.  What remains will either be crafted after the downsizing and remodeling or once we land at our trailer.  The things I decide to keep (to finish books) will temporarily go to storage until each project is complete.  Bringing to the trailer only one unfinished scrapbook at a time, and only what is needed to complete it.  Then the finished product will be delivered to the person I am making it for.  I have three that will remain with me after completion.   I make jewelry also, but it won’t take up a lot of space once I get rid of the excess.

I know what some of you are thinking, she wants to be a minimalist but she is talking about storage rooms, and bins and future homes.  That’s correct, minimalism is personal.  Some people choose to live with a certain number of items and travel and others choose to keep useful items in a home.  It’s all about freeing you up.  Not having so much stuff that you need to constantly attend to it. Many minimalists keep things in storage for specific purposes.  Not for useless junk or boxes of memories that will never be opened again.  Mostly it is used for seasonal sports, or to store household items for when they travel.  We will have one for storing things we don’t want to waste money repurchasing.  I see no benefit in the disposing or selling of nearly new items that will keep until the final move. In the end, the final goal is to have nothing in bins but seasonal items.

I will be referring to this post in my next blog to be written later today or tomorrow.  It will be quite a bit shorter but it’s one I need to write.  Take Care!


(I have done quite a bit of research on minimalism.  I’m sure I haven’t paraphrased anyone without credit but if you find anything that needs quoting I will be happy to adjust the post!)


6 thoughts on “What I’m Crafting These Days”

  1. Keep up the good work. The craft area is the hardest for sure. There are so many “I could use this” moments. I ended up getting rid of so many scraps and kept just the basics. It’s so much easier to find stuff and actually use them. I’m excited for you in this journey!


    1. Thank you! I will let you know how the craft room goes when I get there. I have about a million just in case items in there. My whole life changed the day I saw the Minimalists documentary. I owe everything to those two brave guys.

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