What people need now, is Love sweet Love

I’m going semi off topic today.  I have noticed a trend that I am not a fan of.  There are certain people out there who are desperately unhappy.  These people seem to look for anything they can make a negative comment about.  Over the past few years it hasn’t happened to me a lot, but it still happens.  Social media is a treasure trove for these types of individuals.  There is an onslaught of posts from all different cultures, religions, and political backgrounds.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion, party, and belief.  This is what makes everyone an individual.  I’ve included some examples below to make my point.

#1 I have a friend (former family pre-divorce) who is extraordinarily passionate about a cause.  She has given her whole life to her passion.  Some people feel that she gives too much financially or cares too much for those affected.  When did it suddenly become our job to dictate to people what to be passionate about?  Sometimes she asks for donations to help out and further the cause.  Asking for donations is how she funds her site when her own money is not sufficient.  When she puts up these donation pages, people are very harsh sometimes.  These are people who would never donate their money or time to her cause.  Somehow they feel obligated to donate their opinion though.

#2 I follow a blog that encourages people to look at several aspects of their life to determine if they should follow a particular lifestyle.  Many posts have generated from their journey and they are simply informing people of their own trial and error.  Recently a person took issue with an individual sentence, in a list of advice.  They stated in the comment section: “I love your site and was entirely devoted to your lifestyle until I read, blank.” Really? Why would you dump an entire blog you have been following for three years, over a sentence?  Have we arrived at a time when we will dump a real relationship over a sentence?  I certainly hope not.

#3 Cancer and other disease support websites

A. The page was asking for donations for a cancer benefit.  I read this in the comment section. “You have had several years to cure cancer.  You have not accomplished your goal.  I’m out.” Wow!  I had to reread it, hoping that I read it wrong the first time.

B. On another site, this comment brought on another review.  “This is not a real illness, you are stupid to support it.”  It was an Autism site.  Yes, there are many false claims and there has been some misdiagnosis, but Autism as a whole?

C. On a weight loss site, these comments were especially hurtful, as I have lost 55 lbs. recently and are continuing to lose.  “Fat people have no right to live”, “You are gross, how can you stand yourself” and my personal favorite “Fat people should be exterminated.”  Sometimes these people are kids, but sometimes they are grown adults who are miserable and feel they need to share.  Some have had tough lives and may be fighting back.

The truth is we should treat people as we want to be treated.  If the site offends you or is not aligned with your belief, then respectfully move on to something you’re passionate about.  Don’t kill other people’s ambition.  If you feel the person is totally wrong or they actually are, respectfully submit your comments.  Remember we all have to live on the web together.  Be honest but respectful, and think of others.

I am different, not less. -Temple Grandin

(This particular post does not give credit to the posters, even if they feel their privacy shouldn’t be protected, I do.)




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