For Sale

How much would you pay to currently live where you do?  Would you buy your house again?  These are questions we have had to ask ourselves when allowing the realtor to place our house on the market.  Lately (started the big push on Sunday)  we have been working diligently on the downsizing.  There are boxes and bins everywhere!  Our realtor has committed to a twenty-four-hour notice to bring clients.  That is a good thing!  We immediately would have to stop packing up and prepping up.  Putting a house up for sale is a big job!  You have to present the house as you would a plate of food in an expensive restaurant.

Our problem?? We are also still in the process of remodeling.  Our house is being sold as a fixer.  Every day we do something to improve the houses overall look to potential clients.  I will be happy and sad when it sells.  Happy that we are able to move on and start the next chapter of our lives, and sad that I watched my grand kids grow up here.  My daughter graduated and had her party here.  Our animals most assuredly will not be happy.  The dogs will be boarded at first, then they will have half the .75 acres they are enjoying now.  The cats are inside cats so they will be basking in the radiance of a 225 sq ft trailer with us.

Now that we have decided on a couple of models of travel trailers I have been doing research in my off time.  I have been looking at litter box storage, storage solutions and tips on living tiny.  Usually with my morning coffee, which has not been a satisfying experience lately.  I have been out of my favorite blend! Yesterday I picked up an acceptable substitution for my birthday.  Which is coming at the end of the week.  Now it’s time to get up and go to work.  I hope this update finds you well, and your week work or home week is satisfying.  Take Care!



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