Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow…A technical Update

It’s Sunday and as promised I am updating our current situation.  Books…we owned one, five-shelved book case.  It was crammed full of books and magazines.  We let go of 3/4 of the bookshelf’s contents for the garage sale.  Books we kept: Family Bibles, books that belong to others that we need to return and historical books given to me by family.  We also kept: Self-help books with personal notes, specialty books that go with sale items and cookbooks with personal recipes (will scan contents later).  Clothes: Kept two bins, one is winter items and the other is good clothes that I am 15 lbs away from getting into.  Not a topic that has come up much but I have lost 55 lbs already.

It is at this point that I need to note we do have a climate-controlled, small storage room that we will be maintaining.  Due to the fact that we are eventually moving into a larger home (in two years), we are not going to get rid of items too expensive to replace.  We will also be keeping a few sentimental items that we will display in our new place.  Once the new house is done or bought, nothing will be in bins or boxes except Christmas items and off season items.  If we are not using it or can’t display it, it goes.  We are not keeping furniture except for a dresser my husband hand made and possibly a small table and chairs that are small space approved.

I started going through items in the kitchen and nearly put the contents of an entire drawer, in the garage sale box.  It’s amazing what we don’t use but find a reason to keep.  It’s easier to get rid of stuff than I thought.  It’s freeing in a way and I hope that the recipients of our old items use them and not store them up, like us.   I have even been able to let go of many sentimental items.  I’ll update again when we have accomplished more.  We are only half way through the day!  More to come!

I hope this blog is helpful to those doing the same as us.  We don’t plan to junk up our new trailer with unneeded stuff but will definitely have to solve a few storage challenges.  We had our first visitor to the house for a showing.  They weren’t interested in buying, but they were very complimentary of the work we completed.  We chose a new home yesterday.  We are going with Jayco, now we just need to sell the house!

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