Hidden Fees

In this photo above, our grand-daughter Lizzie is studying the inner workings of smoke bombs. When I shot these photos’ on 4th of July, it struck me that I had seen that pose before. It is often used by a character on one of our favorite shows when he is searching for clues to solve a crime. This week we are staying at a resort in Florida for a conference my husband is attending for work. Once in the car and on our way, I looked up the reservation and gasped! There were so many details and fees that were overlooked when booking. How could we have missed those? I also messaged the dealer this week about our travel trailer purchase to see what our out-the-door cost came up to. I was shocked to find three or four thousand dollars in unanticipated fees! We had not planned on paying quite that much.

How often have you been bombarded with hidden fees you weren’t expecting? It has happened to us quite a lot. People who make their living in sales are trained to show us the sunny beach before the devastating wave hits. We need to train ourselves to be more self-aware, look up the weather and tide tables before setting up camp in the sand. As a visual person, I am too often fooled by the pretty picture. This resort has so many opportunities to part a person from their hard earned cash. Yesterday as I was coming from the pool I saw a glass Mickey Mouse figure holding a camera. Immediately I was drawn to the gift shop window. I had to remind myself we are downsizing and saving money. Walking away I felt like I had left a little of my heart with the character we all love so well. Not to mention he was holding that camera!

When we return home from our journey, I will be facing all my “Mickey Mouse purchases” from the past. Opening packed boxes from our recent moves, I will be staring at miscellaneous shopping in the face. The idea is to start living small before we arrive in our new tiny home. Hopefully, it will make the shift a little easier. I have been thinking more about needs than wants lately. The wants are still present but small. I found two or three, light-weight metal signs. Possibly the addition of those will make the trailer feel a little more like home. If you are currently experiencing tiny life or minimalism, and have any useful suggestions, please leave them in the comment section. Hang loose!


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