Just How Deep is This Water?

Have you ever looked out onto an ocean and wondered…”Just how deep, is this water?” Unless you wander out there, the information will remain a mystery.  The truth is water depth changes constantly.  In photography, we rely on the photographer’s angle for information.   In the photo below the post, the water looks quite deep.  Would you enter into it, if you didn’t know the depth?  I have shot a similar photo, at the shore’s edge from a different angle and created the same type image.  The water view I shot, was safe.  You start at the shore line and slowly increase the depth.  Once in a while, a wave comes along and catches you off guard.  You may fall down, or lose your balance.  In life we wander into known waters all the time, completely unaware of the wave that is coming for us.  Getting back on your feet, well that is another story.

My husband and I wandered into our current house knowingly.  We purchased it after renting it for six years.  We knew all the ins and outs, all the functions, all the problems, but we didn’t know the builder.  He supplied a lovely canvas, but what lay beneath the paint and flooring, was a wave.  A wave that took many years to build.  Normal plywood sub-flooring, not water-proof and a floor that wasn’t sealed well.  Years of water seeping through small cracks, that one day brought, an afternoon shower to the first floor. We had good insurance and that was helpful, our emergency fund also helpful, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.  The water was too deep.  It took us a year to replace the flooring, the walls, and everything that wasn’t water-resistant.  We mainly had only weekends free for the repairs and in our small town, professional services are backed up.

The present day its Mid-July of 2017 and I’m writing my first ever blog post.  We survived the flood without the benefit of an ark.  We are beaten but not torn.  This week we will be listing the house. Are we done with the work?  No.  The real estate agent informed us we can keep working and he will start the listing.  Perhaps the potential owners would take on some of the work to personalize it to themselves.  We can assure the new owners of one thing.  We purchased the best of everything because we intended on staying.  I am starting this story at the end, in hopes that you will want to stick with us for the beginning.  That way you will know the depth of the water.

Our blog written by me will chronicle the sale of our house, the choosing of our new tiny home (travel trailer) and our goal to become debt free.  It will cover unrelated things that will happen along the way for amusement, and the pain of pairing down our belongings.  We will keep a few items in storage, things that are really important to us, but the majority of the items are going.  If you’re going to follow us on Pinterest, I guess put us in miscellaneous.  That is where our life goals normally end up.  Hopefully, these posts will be informative, provide some humor, and maybe we will all learn something.  This is our first time at so many things, so I’m sure we will make a mistake or two.  Grab a boat, one with no holes in the bottom, and join us as we navigate the water.

Thanks for reading!



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