Our Approach

Financial difficulty happens to the best of us.  We believe that "radical" is the only way we will be able to succeed.  It's the only plan we haven't tried yet.  Letting go of our excess belongings and our house will allow us the freedom to breathe and do a quick pay-off of debt.  Not managing such a large property and not constantly moving stuff from the house to the garage will give us time to experience life while working on our biggest project ever.


Our Story

Every failed plan allows all of us the opportunity for a new start.  We have several years experience in failure but we have zero experience in learning from it.  We just kept banging our heads into the wall and hoping for something different than the next concussion.  The spending continued, the credit card debt mounted, and we continued on with the same routine. Now we are changing everything.  Our diet, home life, and finances are all undergoing radical changes.  Here's to selling the house so we can start the next chapter!

Meet the Family


Minimalist in Training

I have a ton of hobbies which include: Jewelry, Scrap-booking, Photography, and any other craft you can think of.  I'm interested to find out how this is going to work in the life of a new found minimalist.

I love researching practically any topic!

I have an A.A.S. in Interpreter Training Technology (ASL)

(It is here that I would love to mention my fabulous awesome friends! Without their help I would not have been able to learn their beautiful language)


Practically already a Minimalist

He can fix almost anything.  His hobbies include: Solitaire and other window's games, woodworking, sudoko, and movies (did I mention movies?)  He works as a jack of all trades at our local power station)


Luna and Leia (Our little troublemakers)

MINIMALISM frightens us....

You mean THESE boxes are going too?