How We Treat One Another…

Last Week on my way to continuing my epic downsizing of the big house I stopped at McDonald’s.  I made a simple order, nothing fancy.  As I approached window #1 to pay, I overheard a screaming match occurring between the drive-thru fulfiller and the manager.  Now understand I am at the unaffected window and their voices could be heard on approach.  Their argument continued as I came to window #2 where the woman was so visibly shaken, that she couldn’t even speak to me as she handed me my order.

When is it appropriate to allow a customer to overhear such an exchange?  Never.  Furthermore, a manager’s job is to manage such situations not participate in them.  Whatever happened to, can I see you in my office?  This is not the first time I have witnessed such an exchange and I fear it won’t be the last.  I’m also not sure who started the disagreement, but someone should have ended it.  On television, we see police sergeants yelling at their beat cops, or red face corporate executives demanding reports.  In real life that may happen but we as a society need to learn proper treatment of those we interact with.

Now there have been times I have to admit to flying off the handle myself at work.  I have become angry with customer service reps while trying to solve a problem.  Frustration has kicked in when I couldn’t get my message across.  Screaming, however, that is not acceptable.  If you have become that angry it’s time to walk away.  Having been married for nearly twenty years, it has come to that a time or two.   Thank goodness it was resolved, but that does not make it acceptable.

It’s time for us all to start treating one another a bit better.  One of my biggest pet peeves is internet trolls.  People who scour the internet looking for a fight.  Is that necessary?  Why has this become a sport?  To go out and pick a fight with someone.  So what if they have different opinions than the poster.  It’s the posters right along with theirs to have it.  Everyone has the right to decide what’s best for their life.  What sports team they want to follow, which ordering service they use or what personal lifestyle choices they have made.  Who gave the ogre the right to only his opinion?

When leaving the house this morning try changing your interactions with people.  Do an experiment, see how it goes.  Choose not to participate in hate and anger.  If the result is positive do it again tomorrow.  One day at a time if we all choose not to fight, maybe we as individuals can make a difference.  I’m going to try too.  By the way, would you like a hash brown with that?


Published by: midlifemimi

My husband and I are on a mission to become debt free! Our big house is up for sale and will continue to be our weekend residence until the remodeling is complete. This week we are moving into our travel trailer that we hope will provide us some new memories and will free us from our dependence on material goods. We began the pilgrimage back in July to become minimalists and every day are working toward that goal. We are taking our life back one donation at a time! Thank you for following us on our journey. If you are new, welcome! We are happy you stopped in!

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